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Our Vision

To educate businesses about the wealth of expertise and service offerings that the Virtual Industry provides, with the overarching aim and goal being to build a sustainable, high quality and highly acclaimed Virtual Industry based on principles of excellence, authenticity, and exceeding client expectations.

Our Philosophy

We believe businesses are in desperate need of credible, skilled, quality and flexible EA, PA, admin, Creative and Technical support options, and we also believe that the Virtual Industry provides solutions that are second-to-none.

We know with certainty that we can help you find a Virtual Support Provider who operates to a very high standard, and who is perfectly suited to you and your business.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide our clients with Virtual Support Providers who

  • have provided evidence of their set up as a Quality Virtual Business and their absolute ability to operate competently within their Key Services via Find a VA's detailed application process

  • are grounded in excellence and exceeding client expectation

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