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We source and connect
 businesses with Experienced and Quality Certified*
Virtual Contractors

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Are you a business owner who could do with some  EA, PA, Administrative, Creative or Technical virtual support and know-how?

Perhaps you don't even operate out of a 'bricks and mortar' office 

...or maybe you're a lean startup, solopreneur or SME with a lot on the boil

... and you've discovered that
Admin, Creative or even the Technical aspect of your business is really not your thing!

In fact, it's probably something that you really struggle with,
and - if you're completely honest with yourself - you don't do it very well.

Perhaps you've heard of Virtual Assistants, Virtual Support or Remote Support
but you don't know where to begin and would  really prefer someone you can trust to truly
represent your brand
when dealing with your precious clients.

That's where we can help...

Using our connections with the growing Global  VA Industry,
we can easily source and connect you with
 quality certified* Virtual Assistant for your job.

Virtual Support Providers speak your language and understand
perfectly business culture and climate...

Save valuable time and money and let us do the searching for you...

Quality Certified* Virtual Support for your business



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General EA / PA Support

Virtual Reception Services

Bookkeeping Services

Event Management Services

Social Media Managers

Customer Service

Copywriting and Proofreading

Transcription Services

HR and Recruitment Services

Website Services

Property Management

Real Estate Admin

Financial Services Admin

Automation Services

Online Course Admin Services

eBooks / Publications

When you engage virtual support through Find a VA, you can rest assured that all our members come fully quality certified, with references and insurances in place.


While many of our Virtual support specialists operate as solopreneurs, we also have some great teams (often referred to as Agencies) who provide seamless and professional services.  


The benefit of engaging a team through Find a VA is that ALL members of that team are quality certified and insured.

Just like a solo Virtual Support Provider, you will often work with one specific VA from a team. However, if illness or holidays threaten to interrupt the flow, there is the added benefit of being able to access additional support from within the team.

** Virtual Support Providers who are Quality Certified have successfully completed the VA Institute Quality Certification which includes:

  • Current Certificate of Currency for Professional Indemnity Insurance as a bare minimum. Many VAs will also have Public Liability and Cyber Security Insurance also. 

  • ABN/NZBN or country equivalent registered 

  • Professional Processes and Documents

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